The Explosion

The Explosion

The Explosion

Jade Tree

Wait, a band on Jade Tree not named after some obscure literary figure and whining about how that girl doesn’t know they’re alive? Yup, a band on Jade Tree that’s decidedly not emo! While some labels seeking to branch out (get it, Jade Tree, branch out? Oh I slay myself!) beyond their standard repertoire may be tempting fate, here Jade Tree have signed somebody that’s really good.

That somebody being Boston punk rock and roll quintet the Explosion. This 6-song EP clocks in at a mere 13 minutes (just under, actually), and yet contains more good songs (all six) than many a Jade Tree full-length. Sometimes you can just look at a CD’s cover and know it’ll be good – when a punk rock band contains a bunch of scruffs looking like lost members of the Heartbreakers and one in full-on Mod gear, these are very good signs indeed.

For you who may’ve already heard of these guys, this EP was previously released as a demo on Standhard Records (while everyone should check this out, no sense buying a second copy).

Jade Tree, 2310 Kennwynn Rd., Wilmington, DE 19810;; The Explosion, PO Box 8333, Boston. MA 02114

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