The Gloria Record

The Gloria Record

A Lull in Traffic


Finally… more music from this band that manages to stretch your soul with just the simplest note. Believe in atmosphere. Twisting up into delicate heights and airplane crash down. Like Denver snow, but melodic. Only five songs, but it’s so much better than nothing. A more interesting mix than the last release, the Gloria Record continue to move forwards with and improve upon their own brand of rock. Call it emo, call it indie, call it heartfelt and emotional. At times almost operatic in what it wants to encompass, it gets better with every listen, so I listen to it again. There’s history in this band, and the future. The vocals soar, the guitar carries hope and heart, the basslines move effortlessly underneath, and the drums… oh, I sigh, they make me swoon. Find my pulse and switch the rhythm.

Crank! A Record Company, PMB 823, 1223 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90403;

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