The Martinets

The Martinets

Love! Hate!

Scooch Pooch

The Martinets are rock n’ roll with a displaced yet elusively familiar feel. They’re energetic and soulful, clean, somewhat catchy, and sound a bit like an ’80s British rock band, like a distant cousin of Kingmaker or Big Audio Dynamite. Still, Love! Hate! chugs along in strong fashion, varying tempo and distortion levels to keep things lively, and always cranking out a very full, rock-band sound. Rock ‘n’ roll guitar solos are littered throughout, and the band itself sounds like it has some kind of retro-rock agenda, with call-and-answer back-up singing and repetitive lyrics. The album is a fun all-around listen, although expect something a little less modern — not really classic rock, and not particularly ’80s, either. The Martinets are just displaced rock.

Scooch Pooch, 5850 West 3rd St., Suite 209, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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