The Scaries

The Scaries

Wishing One Last Time

Route 14

Lyrics that hardly ever rhyme infused with lost love’s yearning while pop punk guitars, sans leads, chug quickly along in the background, I guess you’d have to call this emopopunk, or maybe new school emo. No shouty vocals or fast-slow-fast-slow changes like in older emo, instead this is all clear high vocals, quicktempo 4/4 with the occasional metallic flourish that’s gone before you noticed it, pick slides and soaring double-tracked harmonies.

It all tends to sound the same to me after a few cuts, but it certainly is well-executed and well-produced. Includes a sped-up Cure cover (“Pictures of You”) and a credited bonus track inexplicably put at track 69 (11 through 68 being momentary silences). I hate the latter practice of playing games with tracks, but otherwise, this is pretty OK.

Route 14 Records, PO Box 501, Langhorne, PA 19047; The Scaries, 313 McCauley St., Chapel Hill, NC 27516,,

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