Again Cast In


Ranging from Sixties-touched beach fun pop to a delicate clean indie sound. Solid in their dynamics yet drifting, Tiara play well, with slow build-ups that lead to fine rock feedback. Regardless of the bursts of noise, the energy stays the same. Straight on and right now. There’s a hint of a Britpop sound that shifts from the more sonic swirlings of the 80’s invasion to the earlier “I hung out with the Beatles” era, but none of it overbearing or overdone. Just a taste. Some of the melodies are almost Codeine-like in depth, but much more caffeinated. It grooves in the right places, and drifts when you want it to. Psychedelically mesmerizing and delicate with a hard edge. Moving into the future at just the right speed. Tight but not slick, alternative without being mainstream, rock… with emphasis on the roll.

Anyway Records, PO Box 82444, Columbus, Columbus, OH 43202; http://www.anyway-records.com

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