Bloatware EP

Orthlong Musork

Blectum From Blechdom

Snauses And Mallards EP

Orthlong Musork

Orthlong Musork is Kit Clayton’s label, however both of these 12-inches are far from his minimal aesthetic.

The Bloatware EP is filled with all sorts of experimental electronics. The beats range from tricked-out hip-hop to dazed and stumbling breakbeats. The most appealing thing on this 12-inch is the range of atmospheres and melodies. The focus is on the beats, but they aren’t too dancefloor friendly, so the weight is carried by the textures. They are heavily processed, grated, and sanded, and throw a banana peel under an unwitting dancer’s feet.

Blectum From Blechdom has a funhouse feel to it. The melodies sound innocent enough at first listen, but then become progressively bizarre. Things are stretched out in funny ways, colored oddly, and seem far off-center. “Shithole” (I never thought I’d hear a song called “Shithole” described as anthemic) has a sort of electro sensibility, but careens and thunks in the most unexpected ways.

Timeblind and Blectum From Blechdom will appeal to those whose sensibilities lie in the more skewed direction, plus those who are looking for a change from your run of the mill beats.

Orthlong Musork, 529 Hickory St., San Francisco, 94102; http://www.musork.com

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