The Singles


Tullycraft have spread their endearing, rough-cut pop songs far and wide over the years, across various singles and compilations. As a fan of honest indie pop, The Singles is a desperate necessity and a bit overdue. I have a lot of the records these songs came from, but not everything — it was hard to keep track and keep up, especially since I started a bit late in the game. So I’m very excited to see this surface. To make things sweeter, there are unreleased tracks on here as well (including a couple live on the radio songs), and some of the previously released stuff sounds better than some of the beat up vinyl I had the songs on previously. How can you resist the simple, bouncy indie pop charm of “Superboy & Supergirl,” “Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend’s Too Stupid To Know About,” and “Josie”? I can’t — those are classics in my book. I’m thankful that they’re collected here. Twenty-two songs in all.

I have also read that Darla has just reissued Tullycraft’s debut full-length, Old Traditions, New Standards, as well. Three cheers for Darla!

Darla Records, 625 Scott #301, San Francisco, CA 94117; http://www.darla.com

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