UK Subs

UK Subs

Left For Dead


Another ROIR cassette-only released on CD for your listening pleasure, as well as a good piece of punk rock history. Left For Dead is a live recording from one of the UK Subs’ shows in Holland about fifteen years ago. The playlist includes greats like “CID,” “New York State Police,” “Warhead,” “I Live in a Car,” “Stranglehold,” and “Tomorrow’s Girls.” It’s a good live set of snot-nosed punk, and as with all ROIR releases, the liner notes double the value of the album. Jack Rabid, back in 1986, had this to say, “…[UK Subs’ frontman] Charlie Harper is the Satchel Paige of punk…no one knows just HOW old he is (not even Charlie), but he’s WAY past everyone else in the league… In short, his very presence is a joy…[the] natural presence of the obvious young spirit in a middle-aged man…” Now that was written in ’86, heck, I just saw the UK Subs about two years ago, so the dude must be pushing 60! Punk rock!

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