Wild West Picture Show

Wild West Picture Show

Echo Lounge, Atlanta, GA • June 3, 2000

It seems like only a year ago that Wild West Picture show was playing gigs all over the map to promote their self-entitled CD. Wait… it was a year ago. Their third CD fresh from the presses and the band was playing venues from bars to outdoor festivals. Then nothing. “This is such a thankless business,” explains singer Keli Mercadante. “I needed a little hiatus.” The band relaxed from touring for a little while, and everyone thought they had split up. Well, it looks like Wild West Picture Show has some different plans for this summer. They are going to re-record some older songs, work on some new ones and support them with by playing live. So how does the band sound after taking a long break? Strong as ever.

Usually, Wild West Picture Show is four musicians backing up Keli as she sings, dances, twirls, kicks, and leaps across stage and belted out their country/rock mix. This time I noticed guitar man Fred Duffer and bassist David Henderson getting into the act, as well and putting a lot more life in the act.

They opened the set playing the first four songs from last year’s CD. After doing their cover of “Ring of Fire,” the band delved into some of their older songs. They returned to the country with Loretta Lynn’s “You Ain’t Woman Enough,” which brought out the redneck whistles and hollers that fit so well with the performing of this song. They ended the set with “Get Wet,” a little punk tune from their first release.

They plan on playing more shows in Atlanta this summer, so no one has to wait another year to see this high-energy country-punk band. They are on the web at www.avidediting.com/WWPS.

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