Dunia is the Best!

Dunia is the Best!

This is Dunia, formerly of Agent 99, currently with Brave New Girl. I just wanted to thank Julio Diaz for saying the nicest things anyone has ever said about me ever [in the review of Little Pieces, November 1998 issue]! It was really nice to read while working at my stupid job. I wish I could buy Julio lunch or something.

Anyway, just showing some appreciation. Please check out Brave New Girl’s new stuff at http://www.bravenewgirl.com at your leisure.

Thanks again!

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Julio Diaz responds: Thank you for your nice note! My wife and I love the Agent 99 record — we still play it pretty regularly. I told Jay as much when I met him (at a Stubborn All-Stars show at CMJ last year), and he seemed stunned.

I’ve been checking out the Brave New Girl stuff since receiving your note this afternoon, and I really like all of it, too! And now that I have your new CD, I’ll be reviewing that, too!

Anyway, thanks again for your note. It really made my day! I’ll be in NYC for CMJ again this year, so I’m hoping you’ll be playing somewhere and I’ll be able to see BNG live!

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