Weird Letter of the Month

Presented unedited for your enjoyment – ed.

june 8 2000 it is 2am she has beaten me look look mikel she screams from on top of the big brown bear that i bought her for two fifty at the thrift store today it’s a rainbow i look up too late and catch a commercial or some boring announcer i only have cable for the kids to bribe them make them think that my house is better than the others that they could choose to grow up in eat cereal in feed goldfish in zone out for hours and hours to nintendo or playstation in we bowled tonight or she bowled while her brother spent the night with a boy who will leave the fifth grade behind tomorrow morning while we will sleep no alarm clock set like there are no bills to pay no goals to achieve no books to write no worlds to conquer i didnt bowl i wrote a poem that she wouldn’t let me finish she doesn’t yet realize that writing great literature is considered by some to be more important than a six year old bowling a strike with a ball she can barely lift…she is praying now in her bed after a fight that i won…she wanted to sleep in the dirty blue jeans and stained pink tshirt that she spent the day in and i wanted her to put on a clean tshirt on of mine the extra large ones that i used to wear back when i was fat.

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