Spiel From Watt

Holy Shit, It’s Mike Fucking Watt!

Hi there!

Thanks much for the piece [Brent Dey’s live review of Mike Watt’s live performance at the Point in Atlanta, from our June 1998 issue – ed.], but I’m six foot one inch, not five nine!

Keep at it, folks – I’m with you in the pit. You’re doing a great job. Happening zine, much respect to you. Please say thanks to Brent, too, and ask him to correct this if he can. Thanks! You would bring tears of joy to this Wattster’s eyes

Yours in bass,

• •

Julio Diaz responds: We’ve made the correction and passed your note on to Brent. More importantly, thanks so much for the kind words – praise and respect from an artist that we on the Ink 19 staff all greatly admire really helps us feel that this job is worth doing!

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