Dead Ends and Girlfriends


Poppy punk in a sort of post-MTX vein, only these guys are a lot younger and less clever than Dr. Frank. Still, this is pretty entertaining, in a fluff kind of way. Obviously a band that covers the theme to Fraggle Rock and calls it “Fraggle Rawk,” substituting its own band members’ names for those of the TV characters, doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s a good thing. Also includes a cover song that must have originally been done by a boy band or something, but I can’t place it since I gave up on radio over a decade ago. Extra points for a front cover that is actually more ugly and amateurish than Millencollin’s latest, and that was pretty darn bad.

Drive-Thru Records, PO Box 55234, Sherman Oaks, CA 91608,; Allister, 1281 Diane Lane, Elk Grove, IL 6007,,

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