Apartment 26

Apartment 26



You might have heard this band on the radio. Apartment 26 got their name from a crack house a former band member used to frequent. (He’s no longer in the band.) Apartment 26 combine electronica with catchy choruses and distorted guitars. Actually, I like the singer, too. The sad thing about these types of bands is that they don’t stick around too long. They might have a decent song or two, but they kind of fizzle rather quickly. Do you remember Prong, from the early Ô90s? In the mid-Ô90s, we had Marilyn Manson and NIN. Gee, where are all these bands now? OK, maybe I’m being a little hard, but these electronica-distortion-angst-bands are good when they are fresh and vital. But then they get fat and lazy. Sorry, it’s true.


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