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I love analogue squiggles. That warm beeping and blooding is amazingly endearing, especially to those of us who grew up with Nintendo and Atari. Colongib captures the innocent quality of early video games, but adds a floorthumping whump to his mix, which gives plenty of substance to an already gooey stew. There’s a strange quasi-funk element, which occasionally surfaces, on tracks like “Giraffunkedgazz.” It didn’t rub me the right way the first few listens, but after a while, it fell into place. It’s the abstract pieces like “Canoli Kick” which really flesh this CD out, and make it worth more than a booty shake or two. Between all of the warm beeping and buzzing, Colongib actually gives his songs a measure of complexity; he seems to be something of a virtuoso on the early incarnations of the sequencer.

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