Daycare Swindlers

Daycare Swindlers


Vile Beat

Well, you certainly can’t accuse Daycare Swindlers of being slackers; there are 19 songs on this CD and almost as many styles. New school punk by guys who obviously were heshers in their formative years, this contains melodic hardcore in a late Suicidal Tendencies vein on some songs, while others sound like early Rancid, others like Sublime, and there’s even a metallicized surf/spy instrumental.

Still, lyrically, a lot of this is mediocre and goes for the cheap and easy payoff – a song called “Jenna Jameson” that’s about masturbation! Wow, who would’ve expected that, I never saw it coming!

Pardon the pun.

In a couple years, I bet these guys are a lot better.

Vile Beat Records, Inc., PO Box 42462, Washington DC, 20015,,

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