Element 101

Element 101

Future Plans Undecided

Tooth & Nail

Element 101 is cute pop-punk, mainly thanks to the young, natural female vocals of Crissie Verhagen, whose voice is reminiscent of both the singers from Tilt and Sarge. It is her voice that drives this band, which produces otherwise ordinary music, with paced, distorted guitars and quick drums that are sometimes a bit thicker than expected of pop-punk. Songs are catchy because of how Vergahen phrases her lyrics, and the band’s only major downfall is occasionally burying her under the guitars. However, Element 101 is tight, their songs carry appropriate stops, breaks, and bridges, and the overall product is not in the least bit tiresome, making Future Plans Undecided a pretty worthwhile release.

Tooth & Nail Records, 108 Occidental Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104, http://www.element101.com

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