Eric Idle

Eric Idle

Sings Monty Python Live in Concert


Among my circle of friends, nothing can bring a party to a screeching change of direction faster than putting in something Monty Python on the stereo. Suddenly, all reasonable conversation stops and efforts are made to either act/sing along as loudly as possible or glare down the revelers. Eventually, the glarers all return inside for a beer or some other excuse, and the remainder merrily scream along the lyrics to the “Penis Song.”

And this is pretty much what you get here, except for the most part all you can hear is Eric Idle and his very capable band. All the hits are present: “Sit On My Face,” “I Like Chinese,” “Lumberjack Song” and (my favorite) “The Bruces’ Philosophers Song.” The Rutles’ “I Must Be In Love” also makes an appearance. Oodles of fun, buy it now or go pretend to get another beer, on to the next review.

Restless Records, 1901 South Bundy Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90025-5203

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