Los Infernos

Los Infernos

Rock and Roll Nightmare

Alternative Tentacles

Wait! All hope is not lost! Just when you were at the point of loading your CD changer with the first Ramones record, some MC5, and the New York Dolls and snapping off the “eject” button, along comes a new group who has actually summoned forth the dark art of A) plugging a guitar into an amp, and B) making loud — but not stupid — music. 12 cuts of rock and roll glory, part punk, part rock, with a pinch of the blues, the Infernos play basic, 3-chord hymns of love, lust, and rage in a totally A-1 way. Hell, the song titles give you a hint — “Gimmie The Gun,” “Dead And Gone,” or “It Brings Me Down” — this is grownup music played with a bitter edge, the kind of stuff you don’t hear much anymore. With nary a turntable in sight, Los Infernos play it straight and hard. Good lord, what fools thy be. Bless their dirty rock and roll hearts.

Alternative Tentacles, P.O. Box 419092, San Francisco, CA 94141; http://www.alternativetentacles.com

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