Changing Caring Humans


The Atlanta-based Stickfigure label that put this disc out is run by one busy mofo named Gavin. The guy has a great ear for underground music, as exemplified by his punk rock n’ roll show on WREK out of Georgia Tech, his massive distribution service (, and this kick-butt record. North Carolina’s Milemarker are here documented via the reprod of their 7-inch vinyl and compilation appearance history, beginning in ’97. At their core, these young bucks are a bunch of freethinking rock-heads. They crank out some warmly distorted harshness like an emo band that changed its mind. But there’s so much more, and so at any given time you’re bopping along to some pleasant electro-pop or fending off paranoia induced by the alien sound collages. The surprises keep comin’. Good fun, this band.

Stickfigure, P.O. Box 55462, Atlanta, GA 30308;

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