O.S.T. indulges in the deep and gratifying clanging, which I find so refreshing, and lacking in electronic clanging. When I’m in the mood for some jarring, plodding crunch, I find my options irritatingly limited. I’m either faced with the blazing crunch of terrorstep/splatterbreaks, or the lethargic crawl of Godflesh or early Swans. O.S.T. hits that perfect tempo that’ll rock you late into the night. I’ve been too hung up on the corpse of industrial these days, bemoaning what was once a viable form of music making, so it’s very easy for me to make the connection between O.S.T. and the factory smog of old.

Luckily, the irritating pretensions are left in cesspool, where they deserve to be. “Anuachsend” has the graverobbing thunk and unholy textures that remind me of old Coil, with the shrill haunted voices. I may have misinterpreted the intent of O.S.T., but these tunes put a lot of the gloom n’ doom stuff to shame.

Emanate Records, PMB #402, 2342 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704; http://www.syncopated.net/emanate

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