Legendary Tales


Legendary Tales is Rhapsody’s 1997 debut album. Of course, being that they’re not necessarily “mainstream” metal, it took three years to reach me… The description of the band given in the accompanying package describes their sound as “Symphonic Epic Hollywood Metal.”

Which is an understatement.

They really should be referred to as “Symphonic Epic Hollywood Dio-influenced, IM-influenced, Manowar-influenced Italian Opera Baroque and lots of other majestic-sounding adjectives Metal.”

Legendary Tales isn’t just a collection of the band’s initial work, it’s a story and a game — complete with a map, too! If they could have, they’d have included all those 20-sided dice and such! Is there a computer version?

This album is hilarious! And I mean that with respect for the awesome effort the band carried out. It’s a story about a warrior on a quest; a fight against good and evil; meetings with elves and other forest dwellers! The only reason I laughed out loud when I first put it one was because it’s so over the top, like the first movement on Manowar’s Triumph Of Steel, but even more so. I mean, they put together a full choir and chamber ensemble to which they added dripping, melodic speed power metal! I wouldn’t be surprised to hear “Warrior of Ice” or “Land of Immortals” in an advertisement for a “Conan” type TV show (notice I don’t mention Hercules or Xena), only it’d be ten times as campy. Scream this line to yourself, while, of course, wearing a suit of armor and holding your enchanted broadsword to the sky: “Laaaand of ImoRRRRRRRRRtals! You must belong to me/From here to Eternity!” Man, I hope this kind of metal plays Lincoln Center soon!


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