The Pin-Ups

The Pin-Ups

Backseat Memories


Lately, there seems to be a shortage of women who truly rock. Thankfully, there’s the Pin-Ups. The Pin-Ups mix strong female vocals around a retro Eighties power rock sound. They owe musical debts to the likes of the Runaways, Divinyls, and Tilt, without sounding too much like anyone else. Anyone who doesn’t think a girl can rock without sounding like nails on a chalkboard need only listen to Dejha belt it out on a track like “Hardache.” There used to be an ad that said “Every bad boy has his soft side;” apparently, every bad girl has her soft side as well. The Pin-Ups crank out some power ballads on Backseat Memories with gusto equal to that of the uptempo tunes.

Good-Ink Records, PO Box 19645, Seattle, WA 98109;

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