And the Coat and Hat


Wolfie’s latest EP, And the Coat and Hat, is laced with distorted guitars and a tiny little organ that appear throughout the record’s six songs (in almost formulaic repetition). Overall it’s a pretty decent record though. The pose Wolfie strikes on here calls to mind the pop-rocking of the Rentals, Beulah, and Tripping Daisy. The first track, “They Call Me Leaves” is an explosive, taunting number that brims with sonic static electricity. Another standout is “The All Good People” (that ain’t no spelling error). On this track the chorus has a kinda sing-along Stones via Ramones quality to it that makes it especially catchy. Sadly though, the record suffers from a lack of creativity and differentiation. But this is not enough to obscure some of the brighter moments on the disc.

Kindercore Records, P.O. Box 461, Athens, GA 30603; http://www.kindercore.com

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