Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animation Festival

Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animation Festival

Teletubbie season is open, and that means more good than bad news on the Sick and Twisted front this year. The one down note has a return by No-Neck Joe in five vaguely unfunny episodes, but at least they turned his volume down from 11 to merely annoying. The good news – all new shorts, many of them exceptional not only for Sick and Twistedness, but crispy clean animation and brilliant concept.

Topping tonight’s bill is Bowling For Souls, with Satan in his Big Daddy Roth Chryslers bombing around hell with his Soul Seeker 6000 computer. Bulging Eyeballs and one of those big gearshifts we remember fondly from our bubble gum card days nail a team of drunken, debauched and dead bowlers hoping to hitch a ride to Purgatory.

Some advertising creeps in, as KY-tell pitches a compilation of the Pre-Cum 4 ‘s greatest hits – Beat Your Meatles. It has all the hits – “I Saw It Standing There,” “Your Mother Shouldn’t See You,” “All You Need is Spit,” “The Long and Winding Rod,” and “Don’t Look in Through the Bathroom Window.” Can’t find a date? We understand.

Mike Tyson drops by, reminding us he’s not an animal and runs into a graduate of the Famous Painters school in Tyson & Vince Van Gogh. Iron Mike’s got a family to feed and an honor to defend, and when Vinny steps in his way, well, let’s just say Art meets the Sweet Science. Art doesn’t last 2 rounds.

Drugs – oh yeah, did I mention drugs? Home Honey, I’m Higher is the sort of drug warning film we all really wanted to see. You know what they say, the family that tokes together, uh… OK, well, I forget, but it’s gooood shit, believe me.

Cannibalism and Your Teen not only discusses this growing menace in frank, understandable terms, but reveals the risks of even discussing it with your child. The simple act of talking about cannibalism so often leads an adventurous boy to actually try it – even on themselves, in the privacy of their bedroom.

A few clunkers slide in — the repetitive Dirty Birdy moons a cat for more times that the concept can stand. Horned Grandma revives all the horror of being kissed by those loved ones you wish would just stay in Arkansas and send you $5 for Christmas.

All in all, the winners beat the losers by a handy margin, and SMSTAF goes on to the semi finals.

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