They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants

Working Undercover For the Man EP

One of the best things about having They Might Be Giants as your favorite band is that they’re one of the most prolific bands in history, so you can have hours and hours of fun tracking down new material that doesn’t appear on proper albums. Case in point, this fantastic new MP3-only EP, available only from

Like last year’s Long Tall Weekend MP3-only album, Working Undercover is a glimpse of some of TMBG’s newest projects. There’s “Robot Parade,” a crunchy, stomping track planned for their upcoming children’s album, three jingles for their online radio station, Radio They Might Be Giants, and 5 other new treasures. “I Am a Human Head” could be a thematic cousin to Apollo 18‘s “Turn Around,” though it’s much more moody and atmospheric. “On The Drag” and “Rest A While” are upbeat rockers that wouldn’t have been out of place on John Henry, and “Empty Bottle Collector” is a cool, jazzy number, but the crowning achievement is the title track, in which TMBG reveal that their entire band has been nothing but a front for their activities as government agents out to bust fans for illicit behavior! It’s a hilarious tune with a poppy refrain that’ll keep it ingrained in your head for days on end. The EP’s definitely worth the purchase and download time, and if you’re iffy on the whole MP3 thing, for a limited time if you purchase the EP through, they’ll send you a copy on CD, so there’s absolutely no reason not to fire up your computer and go get this! provides another invaluable service to TMBG fans with their TMBG mini-fan site at This site ties together links to all of TMBG’s current projects, features exclusive photos, a launch point for Radio TMBG, live Webcasts, videos, and exclusive footage of projects in progress — and almost all of it is FREE! If you’re a big TMBG fan (like I am) forget Napster — your greatest online resource for TMBG is!,

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