BOOK REVIEW: Byte Me! Hayduke’s Guide

BOOK REVIEW: Byte Me! Hayduke’s Guide

Well it looks like Hayduke has found out that his computer is good for more than just poking around on the net.

And he’s also discovered that YOUR computer has a few unintended uses, too.

Mischief and mayhem, boys and girls.

Those of you who are dialed-in computerheads, cheerfully using hex editors and rapping out web pages like they were nothing at all, might come away from this one thinking they’ve been a bit cheated.

Everybody else will just be as happy as clams.

If the motherfuckers at work, or wherever, have seen fit to force you down some slimy hole that you’d rather not have ever been introduced to, take heart. There are sneaky-assed ways of retaliating without worrying about getting pinched.

This is a book that clues you in to a whole world of cybershenanigans, none of which involve any kind of computer hacker intelligence to invoke. Lots of what’s in here is by way of just general monkeywrenching street smarts, and doesn’t really qualify (to my perceptions) as having a whole lot to do with computers. A minor nit, but there you have it.

For the less than completely computer savvy, this thing will do just fine.

For my own part, I’ll add the following for George:

The dumb fucks who designed the ventilation systems in computers, for whatever retarded reasons, seem to have ALWAYS fixed it so that the air getting sucked by the power supply fan gets shot out the back, to be replaced by new air through the louvers on the FRONT of all computers. Just a puff on a palmfull of iron filings, or perhaps a spritz with anything from a spray bottle of Tilex to a spray bottle of salt water, will work true miracles upon any machine you can approach from the louvers on the FRONT. Try it, you’ll like it. Just be sure you’re not logged on to the damn thing, ok?

Byte Me! Hayduke’s Guide to Computer Generated Revenge
George Hayduke, 2000, Paladin Press
P.O. Box 1307, Boulder CO, 80306

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