The Woggles

The Woggles

The Echo Lounge, Atlanta, GA • June 16, 2000

I’d love a bottle of Woggles pills – a highly potent, condensed form of the energy they put out on stage. I’d take ’em every day.

Immersed in the sound and the feel of the 60’s, the Woggles follow in the footsteps of bands like the Lyres and the Cramps. These guys should have been the house band in Animal House. Woggles! Hot rod racers! Surfing! Go, baby, go!

I’d never seen the band before tonight, so I can’t tell you what songs they played. I can tell you that they play straight-ahead ’60s three-chord rock, as hard as they can. They took the stage in matching powder-blue tuxedo shirts, like a bunch of upstanding young men, dressed to pick up your daughter for the prom. By the end of the night, they’d transformed into a prom dad’s worst nightmare – shirts open to the waist, completely soaked in sweat; singer “The Professor” weaving through the audience, encouraging the crowd to sing and writhe along.

The band is off to Japan and Europe a little later this year, where audiences have a fine appreciation for U.S. retro-culture. See the Woggles and you’ll be entering a time warp of the best kind.

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