School Links

School Links

Didn’t get enough tests in school? Try this place, and take tests all day long!

Thought you had some odd teachers? Check out the Waldorf School of learning, which teaches, among other things, that the heart doesn’t pump blood and that we have 12 senses, including “movement and warmth.”

Running low on excuses for skipping school? Try out some of these.

Now this could be cool. “Natural Ear – A Rock and Roll School” in Texas.

Oh, now here is a true test of civil liberties! They’re trying to ban Harry Potter books in schools!

Don’t like a lot of backtalk at work? Tired of keeping a smile on your face while you meet clients? Then perhaps you need to change careers, and become a mortician. This place will teach ya.

Find out about school districts here.

The Official Mary Kay LeTourneau Web site. Talk about “Hot For Teacher!”

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