A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle

Mer de Noms


The first thing I thought about A Perfect Circle was that they sound a whole lot like Tool. From what I gathered from the various articles I’ve read on the band, Tool’s guitar tech, Billy Howerdel, is the band’s founder. After looking for a lead singer, Tool’s Maynard Keenan offered up his vocal services, hence the musical similarities. Actually, aside from Keenan’s distinct vocals and the radio staple, “Judith,” A Perfect Circle is musically distinct from Tool. While it is, at times, a hard-rocking album, Mer de Noms is strewn with melodious ballads like “Orestes,” ” Renholder,” and “3 Libras,” with its string instrument ensemble and Keenan at his most sensitive. Musically, much of the material here is similar to Alice in Chains or even the Cult. Fans of Tool whose tastes drift to the lighter, more atmospheric side of rock will like Mer de Noms.


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