All Hell Can’t Stop Us!

Last Chance

To me, the name “Conrad Uno” on an album is the musical equivalent of “open bar” on a party flier. You just gotta check it out. In this case, Uno produces power trio Cookie, who in turn spew out a constant blast of Ramones and X-fueled racket, featuring bassist Sabrina Rockarena’s country-pure pipes. Rockarena can not only belt out a convincing “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad,” but can also scream out the singalongs with the best of them. “Black ‘n Blue 4 U” sounds like a lost Fastbacks track, with delicious melody and velvety fuzz. “Mary’s Lamb” starts with a twinkling riff then breaks down into East Bay chaos, with a whoa-oh chorus. Cookie blast out of the gate on fire, and though I’m sure all Hell couldn’t stop them, I’d pay good money to see it try.

Last Chance Records, 3812B SE Division, Portland, OR 97202

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