Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan

Dan on the Moon


Keyboard virtuoso Dr. Dan, best known for his contribution to the Fiji Mariners, has stepped out (and definitely UP), to release a solo effort which has been in my CD player from the moment I got it.

Dan’s prowess on the keys is incredible – whether it be Hammond, Moog, or traditional piano, he makes it known in no uncertain terms that the “doctor is in,” and can support an album as a front-man. With an extraordinary groove and funkiness at the core of most compositions, Dan and his supporting musicians can keep an extended instrumental jamming from start to finish. All the while mixing it up on every track via adding instruments and/or an occasional vocal. He even includes a traditional piano piece, “Mia’s Tears,” which further highlights his talent. Government Mule guitarist Warren Haynes makes a guest appearance on a couple tracks, and contributes with some slinky jams of his own.

Dan on the Moon is not only a “local” (hailing from Atlanta), who deserves support, moreover he has released what I believe to be one of the best overall records so far this year.

http://www.terminusrecords.com, http://www.doctordan.org

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