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Mad Dog American


SX-10, the newest band to capitalize on the increasingly invasive rap-rock trend, is caustically fronted by Cypress Hill’s baritone yes-man (or is it yeah-man?) Sen Dog. Sen unequivocally has the delivery, sting, and cojones to front this crunchy, syncopated outfit in the vein of Downset or Stuck Mojo, and lives out his rock and roll fantasy with angry, guttural abandon. While working tightly in the confines of the coarse rap-rock framework, SX-10 break free of many of the downfalls of the genre by keeping the songs relatively concise and not resorting to the Anthrax-invented/Bizkit-demolished “breakdown” section to distract from genuine heavy-funk riffage. Sen Dog’s Latin influence proves invaluable for a chunky reworking of “Tequila” and collaborations with legendary Latin MC Mellow Man Ace. The abrupt pauses, ardent shouts, and the ire of down-stroked one-note grooves infecting Mad Dog American are a welcome addition to the ever-growing stagnant rap-rock genre.

X-Ray Records, 13428 Maxella Ave. #251, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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