Spectra Sonic Sound

If I were a hardcore truckin’ sumbitch, I’d have this playing in my cab for damn sure. Plenty of dirt-encrusted, grimy rock substance to keep my hands pounding along on the steering wheel, enough emphatic lyrics to keep me shouting along, rust-encrusted barbed guitars schooled in post-hardcore styles to keep me awake as the road drifts by, and the right amount of beat-driven energy to keep the adrenaline fueled up. I imagine this coming from a swampy area of the south rather than Canada, though. Perhaps Canada has gloomy swamps? I never saw any. They no doubt have classic rock radio, though, and perhaps that’s gloomy swamp enough to act as a subliminal environmental influence. Bite into this and gnaw for a while.

Spectra Sonic Sound, Box 80067, Ottawa, ON CAN K1S 5N6; http://www.spectrasonic.com

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