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Jimmy Eat World


Big Wheel Recreation

This band has been through a lot of changes. Their first album found them churning out poppy punk that sorta made me think of Lifetime. By the time I heard something new from them they had switched directions so much that I wasn’t so sure I cared for them anymore. Every once in a while I’d hear them somewhere. “Wow, who’s that?” I was taken in again, but from a different direction. They had apparently heard some Christie Front Drive and taken the yearning melodies to heart, as their new sounds were soaked in emo tendencies. Taking it for what it was, it was good.

They’ve since released a bunch of singles, two more albums, and an EP. This collects most of their singles and comp tracks together on one release, which ought to save at least some people from paying auction prices for these songs.

Oh, and note the label change. Yet another band dropped by Capitol for selling a measly 40,000 copies. While signed however, they found quite a bit of mainstream exposure as a result of that deal (Never Been Kissed, Time of Your Life), which ought to help them now that they have their freedom once again. Expect a split CD with Australia’s Jebediah on Big Wheel due August 22nd, touring, and then who knows?

Big Wheel Recreation, 325 Huntington Ave. #24, Boston, MA 02115; http://www.bigwheelrec.com

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