Oh! Turpentine


Confusing me. I can’t tell how to deal with this CD. It’s very mellow, but it almost sounds like it’s on the edge of exploding into some kind of rock ‘n roll at any second. There’s hints of psychedelics coming from some strange Pink Floyd reminiscent moods, but also a kind of extremely drugged out and slowed down, Flaming Lips kind of feel. What are they doing to my head? It could be folksy, but it isn’t. It could be something… but I’m not sure. It’s as epic as your favorite ’70s space rock ballad, but without the ’70s or the rock. The vocals shiver a little, and shake, but they stay strong. The occasional addition of accordion, saw, and keys also add to the slight head trip involved with listening to this. But hell, it’s a good trip.

Pitch-A-Tent, P.O. Box 655, Athens, GA 30603; www.pitch-a-tent.com

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