Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Smith

Tales From the Fruitbat Vat

Someone Eating Fruit

OK, so it’s not really on Someone Eating Fruit Records. I made it up because there’s no mention of any label name on here, and that’s what the cover shows. Anyway… I was pretty shocked by how much this album rocks, in comparison with the little acoustic show Lindsay and her friend performed for me and two other people at DragonCon. I think that was her. Not that it didn’t rock either, it’s just that she’s got a big band with lots of distortion and drums, etc. She’s got a good voice, too. The opening song, “My Mother is a Christian,” seems to strike people immediately as being either funny or cool. To me it was both. This is a strong songwriter with dramaticalistical instincts. A very fine recording, which should be all over the radio instead of that… let me think… what’s the name of that band with Bob Dylan’s son? I hate that band. Anyway, she’s way better. Put her on there. Especially “Molly Brown.” More funny and cool crap.

Lindsay Smith, 6 Covington Hwy, Apt. B, Avondale Estates, GA 30002;

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