Frigid Forms Sell


This band has been steadily perfecting their eclectic merging of styles for a few years now, resulting in fractured, angular hardcore with electronic textures and a tendency to bolt off in other directions as need be. It’s an interesting mosaic of disparate styles that work surprisingly well together. For example, they move from envy of insect sex in the tense “Sex Jam Two: Insect Incest” with lyrics like “You want to kick it to me and then bite off my head” to “Cryogenic Sleep” with its soul-filled female vocals and keyboard groove that gives way slowly to distorted, shouted male vocals and a steady increase in the tension. They seem equally comfortable with urgent, edgy guitars as they do with glowing synths. Structures and approaches that should interest fans of the D.C. and San Francisco camps, for starters.

Lovitt Records, P.O. Box 248, Arlington, VA 22210;

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