Miss Nelson and Bruce Haack

Miss Nelson and Bruce Haack

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Dimension 5/Emperor Norton

I can’t describe this. Miss Nelson and Bruce give us a musical equivalent of the Teletubbies, nearly an hour of aural hallucinations and fantastic sequences straight out of 1968. Beneath Miss Nelson and Haack’s narration lies a seething miasma of studio rockisms, amateur electronics, home-job sound effects, and overall stereo insanity. “Mudra” brings us a little bit about Indian music. “Army Ants In Your Pants” is terrifying, simply terrifying. “Coco the Coconut” is an eight-and-a-half epic tale based on the life of a walking coconut. “Clocks” asks our young listeners to act like different timepieces. This is even stranger than I can say. You may have to listen for yourself to believe this.

Emperor Norton Records, 102 Robinson St., Los Angeles, CA 90026; http://www.emperornorton.com

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