You’ll Never Be Well No More


A band that almost defies description. Listening to Molasses is almost closer to looking at a painting than listening to music. It’s a feeling, more than a sound. It’s the shadows, when you’re looking for the light. It’s just before the sun rises, so you know everything will be okay any second, but you’ve never felt lonelier than you do right now. It pulls at your heart, and opens your eyes. There is poetry in the silence, and music in the lyrics. A bottle of wine in the gutter. Intense and dynamic, yet almost more minimal than oblivion. A train wreck caused by the flight of dreams. My pulse runs mercury, and I can’t stop listening. Stories are told, and hearts are broken, and that painting you were looking at seems to shine right through you with the power of every ache and every joy you’ve ever known. The purest beauty of loss.

Fancy, PO Box 493, Place du Parc, Montreal, Quebec H2W 2P1 Canada

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