The Karaoke Album


UMO3 is gumdrop sweet and taffy thick. I can’t help but think of a trip to the Big Apple when I listen to this. There are some cliched funk moves, but somehow, UMO3 manages to keep smooth and sexy. We’ve got James Bond-esque spy themes, and bumpin’ electro tunes like “Stupid F**k.” Pharma may be from Germany, but I sense traces of Bollywood, of recontextualized sounds liberally tossed together. Unlike Bollywood, however, UMO3 cares about giving these sounds a good new home, and shelter them under crafty beats and sly basslines. In this incarnation UMO3 are Jammin’ Unit, Terrible, Dior, Walton, and Feyerabendt. I still don’t understand why the introduction is the 11th track on the CD though…

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