Shangri-La EP


A concept EP from the beloved indie pop group Versus. An original song entitled “Shangri-La” that sits up their with their best stuff yet, as well as covers of songs sharing the same name as originally penned by the Kinks and ELO! Throw in a cover of “Out in the Streets” by the Shangri-Las and you have an interesting idea, for sure. It’s a credit to Versus that it’s their original song that I tend to want to hear most often. The covers are well done, but it’s their song that manages to sink its hooks in deepest.

Aside from the Shangri-La theme, the unifying link here is the bittersweet atmosphere presented through the pleasantly moody pop. Nicely done. It’s always a pleasure to hear new stuff from Versus.

Merge Records, Box 1235, Chapel Hill, NC 27514;

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