What’s For Lunch?

What’s For Lunch?

Various Artists

Ant Lunch

A compilation of lo-fi audio treasures and oddities culled mostly from various four tracks set up in bedrooms throughout South Florida. Favorites start with Doersam’s delay-ridden guitar layers, skipping a few and continuing with the Housewives’ soul-tinged “97 Hours.” The Dumbwaiters get a nice beat going under some hooky, spacious guitar and bass for a song that sticks. Whirlaway has an atmospheric, haziness with some nice tones. Laundry Room Squelchers recall another area band, To Live and Shave in L.A., with the amount of spastic trebley guitar fumbling and crashing going on. Baby Ronnie’s “Little Darling” trades off quips between female and male vocals for a song that comes off as somewhat sweet, with some nice noisy guitar biting in the end. Twenty-three tracks in all, filled with assorted noisy, fuzzy curios.

Ant Lunch Musick, 520 NE 45 St. #5, Boca Raton, FL 33431

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