Things James Mann Taught Me

Things James Mann Taught Me

Mr. Mann,

I’m a 50-year old woman who lives in Indiana. I was in Florida earlier this month to visit with friends and relatives… Orlando and Tampa. I can’t recall where I picked up the August issue of Ink 19 (new to me), but I did so with the intention of giving it to my 31 year old son… my “punk” kid. I laid it aside when I got home and unpacked; forgotten until today. I picked it up and looked through it when your article caught my eye. “I, too, had a gift. I could write”… and you certainly did with this story. It snuck up on me and then nudged my heart. I am in awe of your insight and such an ability to express yourself, at your young age… and to trust enough to bare yourself. Please tell me this wasn’t fiction… I found a gem in an unlikely place and I don’t believe in “just a coincidence.” Thank you …

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James Mann responds: Thanks so much for your comments on my “Father” piece. I assure you, none of it was fiction! Who would make that sort of stuff up?

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