As Friends Rust

As Friends Rust

As Friends Rust


Sometimes other peoples’ unhappiness can bring happiness to you. So it is with the self-titled 5-song (well, closer to four, since one song lasts only 10 seconds) CD from Gainesville quintet As Friends Rust. Beginning with a blistering attack on the city itself with “Half Friend Town” and concluding with the inside cover’s note “Thanks to all of the Gainesville bands that were actually willing to play shows with us,” it would appear that these lads are not particularly enamored of Hogtown, but are resigned to doing what they must as a band and relying only on each other (“F*ck old friends, you’ve got four here, tight like strings”).

This is hardcore with a dollop of emo and a pinch of metal and it kicks major booty. And this from someone generally not particularly fond of any of those genres. Hell, I would play with these guys in a heartbeat. Buy this CD. Now.

Doghouse Records, PO Box 8946, Toledo, OH 43623,; Band: 116 NW 13th St. # 154, Gainesville, FL 32601,

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