At The Drive-In

At The Drive-In

Relationship Of Command

Grand Royal

It’s the new wave of right now. It’s taking the world by storm. It’s taking what went before and what’s happening right now. It’s what the kids love, and the kids are who are making the music to define generations. It’s the punkest waver kids of the ’80s today. Taking a solid dose of Detroit-style rock, West Coast emo, and that DC guitar sound and throwing it all together into well-structured songs. Dynamic, rocking and so, so alive. At times more chaotic than you’ll ever need, guitars filling every space between each screamed phrase, and then moving down into almost experimental melodic new-wave harmonies over sparse guitar whine. Some spoken word meandering, an appearance by Iggy Pop that’s more rock than MC5, and an attitude that comes from doing exactly what you want to do. What could be better?

Grand Royal Records, P.O. Box 26689, Los Angeles, CA 90026;

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