Cadillac Blindside

Cadillac Blindside

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Soda Jerk

Reminds me of a high energy Get Up Kids, perhaps, but there’s definitely more to it than that. There’s a little of that post-punk thing going on, but with more of a melodic edge. Sometimes the guitars go for that relentless, almost over-fuzzed sound that brings to mind bands like Christie Front Drive, but that’s just in the distance. Up front are the harmonies that make you fill up with a new life, ready to take on the world. Armed with the river-rapid drums that flow so steadily across the horizon wide rip caused by the high, clean guitar drive. The bass drops in at just the right places to keep the songs running along the freeways, keeping them from getting too close to the sun. This is summer, I can feel the heat, Cadillac driving in my veins.

Soda Jerk, P. O. Box 4956, Boulder, CO 80306;

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