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Chic-A-Go-Go is a Chicago-area public access program that is part Barney, part Soul Train, and part mosh pit. Hosted by Miss Mia and Ratso, a genuine suspenders-using punk rat puppet. The video is described elsewhere this issue; it’s worth checking out.

As far as the music goes, it’s a real eclectic grab bag. After the “Chic-A-Go-Go Theme,” a snazzy graveyard twist by the Goblins, we have a little banter from Miss Mia and Ratso and then screaming into the weirdness. The best I can describe Bobby Conn and his “Never Get Ahead” is as an inflammatory antiestablishment Jackson 5 number with a great string section. Monotrona follows with something that could have been written on Atari Composer. M.O.T.O., who I haven’t heard from since the days of Pravda Records, blast out with “Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance to the Radio” which unabashedly lifts from “Roadrunner.” Ratso talks a little bit to Donna C. (of the Donnas, duh). Pansy Division pogo out a Wal-Mart version of “Bad Boyfriend.” Quintron, eccentric organist extraordinaire, gives us a demonstration of his Drum Buddy rhythm companion.

What track are we up to? Eight? There’s plenty more where that came from. Ratso speaks to Jello Biafra, Lemmy, and — holy garage cred! — the Monks. And there’s even more bizarre stuff that I’m not going to mention because you wouldn’t believe me anyway. If this is what Chicago’s youth is being exposed to right now, there’s going to be an explosive payoff in ten years as soon as the tykes can afford their own instruments. Seminal, get this, get the video, and try not to be too envious of the denizens of Chicago.

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