Daniel Givens

Daniel Givens



Strange electronic soundscapes mixing with new-age beats and spoken word pieces giving praise to life and living and existence. Hints of reggae and hip-hop filter through the mix, with male and female vocals speaking and singing and sometimes chanting over broken rhythms and almost annoying flute noises. The possibility of being put into a trance is implied in the repetition, although that is sometimes broken by the drift of a cello. I don’t know if one should ever listen to the entire CD in one sitting, it being almost 70 minutes long and all, but perhaps little bits once in awhile wouldn’t hurt. There are some out-of-tune moments and some extremely disjointed breaks, but sometimes, I guess, you need that.

Aesthetics, P.O. Box 577286, Chicago, IL 60657; http://www.aesthetics-usa.com

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