Dewey Defeats Truman

Dewey Defeats Truman

B-sides, Rarities, and Out-Takes

Silver Girl

This CD takes me spinning grinning back into the glory days of just real good guitar-happy indie rock. There’s some hints at more pop-oriented contemporaries creeping up as influences through the guitar whine and dynamic vocals, but strongest is the attachment to bands like Sebadoh and Superchunk, and speaking of… the secret track (shhh) is a Sebadoh cover. Coincidence? Even when the rock takes a stand, the vocals go long and make it seem like a midnight drive, trying to stay ahead of the storm. It’s almost like a little hometown cult band, with their own terminology (“Deweyrawk”) and their own laid-back recording groove to get into. There’s a melancholy swing that comes in, but you know, when you’re involved in Deweyrawk, the sadness can’t last for long. Them guitars are a’raging.

Silver Girl Records, P.O. Box 161024, San Diego, CA 92176

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